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Pumps Stations 
& Machine Shop

Pump Repair

The pump station is the heart of your irrigation system, let Lad keep it in peak condition. Our pump stations are constructed and installed using top quality materials, and ensure top quality functionality, electrical safety, and long-term operation for any pumping needs. 


Pump Services

Full-service support for turbine pumps, domestic pumps (well & surface), and all pump stations! Other services include:

  • Expert design team 

  • VFD design, installation, and startup (including programming) 

  • Full programming of the parameters, including pressure control, pump/pipeline protection, multiple-pump lead/lag operation, and more. 

  • Complete service - Annual inspection, routine maintenance, and repairs 

How Can We Help?

Deep Well Specialist

Deep Well Turbine Pumps

Deep well turbine pumps are used on cased wells or when the water source is below the surface limits of centrifugal pumps. Deep well turbine pumps are ideal because they do not need to be primed and are usually more efficient. Lad Irrigation is your trusted provider of custom designed and installed deep well turbine pumps.

Types of Pumps

Machine Shop

Lad has a full service, in-house Machine Shop equipped with all the proper machinery and materials to fix any issue that may arise.


Electric Motor Refurbishing

At Lad we have an experienced team of electric motor technicians on staff to serve all your motor repair and refurbishing needs. From failure analysis, to dip and bake, and full motor rebuild capabilities, we can get you back up and running in no time!
Contact us today for more details.


Lad Irrigation staff includes Professional Engineers (PE) and Certified Irrigation Designers (CID) accredited by the Irrigation Association. We have the skills and expertise required to provide you with a reliable irrigation solution, no matter your requirements.


Lad Turn-Key System Process

03Radach Farms 10,500GPM lift pump install.jpg


Meet with our experienced designers to discuss your project.


Our design team will transform your needs into a custom design. 



Get detailed drawings of your custom plan. 


Finalize Project

We will make sure everything is to correct specifications. 



Our certified team will install everything to design specifications. 

Project Management 

Our team will provide project management every step until finalized.

Ongoing Support

We are available for ongoing support, supplies, and maintenance. 

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