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We know how important it is to have every part function properly on the farm. Lad is proud to offer our customers full-service support including design, supplies, installation, as well as a pump and machine shop for repairs and fabrication. 

Our Services

Lad brings you custom & innovative irrigation solutions.

We proudly partner with the highest quality industry suppliers to provide top-quality solutions, ensuring efficient water conservation and cost-effectiveness.

Pump Suction & Water Source Apparatus

Whether you are pulling water from a river, lake, well or engineered pond, we have the equipment, experience and resources to service all pump suction systems including complete redesign as needed. 

Pump Control and Monitoring

We design, install, and service all pump controls and monitoring systems, with capability to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair electrical damage, evaluate and repair VFD systems, and programing to ensure systems are functioning at full capacity.

Pivot Control Panels, Monitoring & Remote Management

Lad's team of certified technicians are fully equipped to service any and all needs in your operation. From the pivot structure to the most advanced monitoring and control technology, they are ready to solve even the most complex problems.

Ag Solar Power

Solar panels are used to power your irrigation system in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner.  

Pond and Water Source Monitoring

Avoid costly system damage. We monitor your water source to ensure adequate levels are maintained for pumps, motors and pipelines to operate effectively and efficiently.

Electric and PTO Drive Motor Repair

We can diagnose, repair and install, all in-house for fast turn around and quality to prevent motor failure at critical irrigation times.

Filtration Control and Management

Even the dirtiest water conditions can be automated and simplified by our in-house designers and welders who can provide custom fit filtration solutions for improved performance.

Custom Pivot Solutions

With the largest pivot building team and Valley pivot inventory in the Northwest, we build and repair all pivot brands. We'll move quickly to get you back up and running. Lad houses complete full-length pivots and corner machines for emergency needs.

Drip and Micro Sprinkler Irrigation Solutions for Orchard and Vineyard

Custom designs by Lad will deliver the highest uniformity for sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and cooling/fogging systems.If you are looking for new solutions to provide better irrigation put Lad to the test to custom fit a solution to your needs.

Deep Well Line Shaft Pumps

Lad has all the equipment and experience to install and service all your well pump needs. Diagnosing, filming and evaluating each well pump, we will custom fit solutions for your unique operation needs. 

Crop and Irrigation Management

Lad Technicians are ready to install and integrate total crop and irrigation management to your operation. Advanced technology sensors and cameras to monitor soil moisture, crop health, weather and more, we can literally focus in on the details of a leaf.

Visit your local Lad location to learn more about what we offer to advance your operation and increase your efficiency.

How Can We Help?

Pivot & Automation Services

  • Design and Engineering

  • GPS Surveying

  • Service Pivots

  • Service Welding

  • Irrigation Parts

  • Pivot Construction

  • Electrical Remote

  • Control Telemetry

  • Pump Automation

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Moisture Sensors

  • Weather Stations

  • Sprinkler Packages

Industrial Machine

Fabrication & Welding

  • Manual Machining Swing 30" x 120" 

  • Boring 52" x 59" x 52" VTL 

  • Milling 11" x54"  

  • Hard Surfacing 

  • Shaft Straightening 

  • Engineered Designs 

  • Crane services

  • Welding, Flame Spray Arc

  • Full Pump Station & Water Delivery Fabrication 

  • Roller Repair & Fabrication 

  • Augers 

  • Shafts 

Pump Stations

  • Design & engineering

  • Construction & installation

  • Ag & domestic well pumps

  • Pump machine repairs

  • Pump coverings and concrete

  • Filter services

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