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Grow Your Vision

Lad is a proud and recognized dealer of Valley products, the market leader and creator of the center pivot design. We complement Valley’s center pivot with Nelson Irrigation pivot sprinklers, offering a wide variety of models and configurations to coordinate with your crop and soil needs. 


Lad Custom Pivot Irrigation

We are proud to offer Valley's top-rated pivots. However, sometimes the standard pivot is just not the right fit for your irrigation needs. Not to worry, we've got you covered! Lad custom Valley pivots are engineered to meet your specific land requirements. Our engineers can customize a new, used, or refurbished pivot to address any land peculiarities that a standard pivot design can't accommodate to. Maybe you have some obstructions to work around, or maybe your field is just irregularly shaped. Whatever it is, you can be sure that Lad will get water to everywhere it's needed. 


Our Hybrid Pivot Systems

The days of choosing between innovation and budget are over!

  • Optimized Investment: Low cost still gets you high quality. Our unique blend of new and expertly refurbished components means you invest smartly in long-term performance.

  • Personalized Setup: From system design to component selection, we craft your irrigation solution to meet your field’s specific demands, enhancing reliability and crop yield.

  • Assured Performance: Each used part is rigorously restored to insure seamless integration and consistent functionality.

  • Upgrade with Ease: Our systems are designed for compatibility with future advancements, safeguarding your farm against obsolescence.

  • Current Stock:  We have a variety or parts in stock  at all times. Give us a call to find out if we have the part you need.

How Can We Help?

Why Choose a Valley Center Pivot


✔ Outperforms all other brands in independent tests.
✔ Trusted by more growers than any other brand.
✔ Engineered and customized to meet individual field needs.
✔ Highest resale value in the industry.
✔ Longest machine life in the industry.
✔ Largest dealer network in the world.
✔ Certified service technicians available to keep your pivot running.

It gets better!

Valley technologies support the strength of our industry-leading pivot structures. Valley pivots can be connected to your smart farm system. With features like Valley 365, AgSense, and Machine Diagnostics, you can have full control and monitoring of your pivots performance.


Lad Turn-Key System Process

03Radach Farms 10,500GPM lift pump install.jpg


Meet with our experienced designers to discuss your project.


Our design team will transform your needs into a custom design. 



Get detailed drawings of your custom plan. 


Finalize Project

We will make sure everything is to correct specifications. 



Our certified team will install everything to design specifications. 

Project Management 

Our team will provide project management every step until finalized.

Ongoing Support

We are available for ongoing support, supplies, and maintenance. 

Insurance & Financing

Lad Irrigation's financing partners offer competitive rates and fast service to streamline the process, allowing you to get the equipment you need when you need it. Protect it. Insurance facilitated by Lad Irrigation can cover all of your irrigation equipment, including replacement value for your center pivots.



Explore Control Panels

Lad offers Valley's selection of control panels to give you ultimate control of your irrigation. By offering a variety of options, you can choose the panel that best fits your needs. 

Lad's wide variety of farm tech gives you more control than ever!


What We Can Do In A Day

After a pivot in potatoes collapsed leaving the crop extremely vulnerable our team pulled off what can only be described as incredible. The crop was saved and a new Valley pivot now stands in place of the crashed system. Lad has the resources and know how to get the job done. 


As a Valley Premier Dealer, we carry a wide selection of Valley products and parts. Our team is professionally trained on Valley technology, and receives continued education and yearly certification by Valley. With Lad, you can be confident that you are receiving the best of Valley products and services. 

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