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Ag Solar

Maximize Your Farm’s 
Efficiency and Sustainability


Ag Solar is becoming more and more popular among farmers. Ag Solar by Valley allow you to power your irrigation system and farm buildings through a sustainable and cost-efficient source. It also helps bring energy to areas where a traditional electric circuit may not suffice or be available, increasing efficiency in all areas of work. 

On average, the Columbia Basin gets more than 300 days of sunshine per year. That means it's ideal for solar energy. Lad is uniquely positioned as an AG focused solar provider. We are knowledgeable and trained to customize solar solutions to each unique irrigation system. 

Why Switch to Solar?

Ag solar has numerous benefits for farmers. By opting for solar energy, you get: 

  • Energy from a free source, saving you money. 

  • Tax breaks when you take advantage of renewable energy incentive programs. 

  • Clean energy that reduces toxic fumes in the air.

  •  Accessibility to power everywhere you need it. 

  • Innovation that puts your farm one step closer to the future of energy. 


How Can We Help?

Shortening the Distance Between
Reliable Energy and Remote Locations


For years, Valley has been helping rural communities worldwide obtain reliable energy with Solar Solutions. A diversified grower in Mato Grosso, Brazil called on Valley to implement solar energy to their 12,500-hectare farm. By incorporating a photovoltaic panel to power their Valley center pivots, energy costs were cut by more than 50% and they reduced their carbon footprint. Even better, the farm was eventually able to completely disconnect from the grid and has relied solely on solar energy since 2021.  

This is just one example of the many ways Solar Solutions is bringing affordable and sustainable solutions to irrigation and the world! 


Lad Turn-Key System Process

Solar Energy
Installing Solar Panels_edited.jpg


Meet with our experienced designers to discuss your project.


Our design team will transform your needs into a custom design. 



Get detailed drawings of your custom plan. 


Finalize Project

We will make sure everything is to correct specifications. 



Our certified team will install everything to design specifications. 

Project Management 

Our team will provide project management every step until finalized.

Ongoing Support

We are available for ongoing support, supplies, and maintenance. 

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