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Machine Shop

Technology, Quality & Knowhow


Lad has a full service, in-house Machine Shop equipped with all the proper machinery and materials to fix any issue that may arise. We can provide turn key services for all pump types and sizes, including in field service and testing. No more waiting around for third-party delivery or repair. We'll get it done quickly and efficiently. 

Irrigation Pumps 

​As your top choice for irrigation satisfaction, you can bet that Lad is capable of helping with any irrigation issue, repair, or service you need. 

  • Turbine Pumps

  • Well Pumps 

  • Centrifugal 

  • Positive Displacement 

  • Waste Water 

  • Pump 5HP to 2000HP 

  • Laser Alignment 

  • Welding, Flame Spray Arc 

  • Dynamic Balancing 

  • Shaft Reconditioning 

How Can We Help?

Other Services

We understand the importance of having a partner in your business that can support your business when you need it. Our highly skilled team and infield capabilities for pump and fabrication services are guaranteed to provide the support you need!

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Industrial Machine
  • Manual Machining Swing 30"x120" 

  • Boring 52"x59"x52" VTL 

  • Milling 11"x54" 

  • Welding, Flame Spray Arc 

  • Hard Surfacing 

  • Shaft Straightening 

  • Engineered Designs 

  • Crane services

Electric Motor Repair
  • Testing 

  • Vibration Analysis 

  • Full Recondition on Motors 

  • Power Train 

  • Compressors 

  • Gear Boxes 

  • Dip and Bake 

Fabrication & Welding
  • Full Pump Station & Water Delivery Fabrication 

  • Roller Repair & Fabrication 

  • Augers 

  • Shafts 

Custom Parts 

We can build or replicate any part needed to fit your specific needs to get you back up and running.

Electric Motor Refurbishing

At Lad we have an experienced team of electric motor technicians on staff to serve all your motor repair and refurbishing needs. From failure analysis, to dip and bake, and full motor rebuild capabilities, we can get you back up and running in no time! Contact us today for more details.

  • Inspection – Tear down assessment of all internal and external components

  • Failure analysis – experienced cause of failure diagnosis and report

  • Dip & Bake – Reconditioning the stator for extended service life

  • Motor rebuild – rewinding, fan repair/replacement, housing reconditioning, bearings

  • Rotor repair – Test, Balancing, shaft build up and reconditioning, coating

  • Dynamic balancing –  Ensuring all rotating components are within mfg spec

  • Motor Testing – Surge testing, core loss test, rotor bar test


Lad Turn-Key System Process



Meet with our experienced designers to discuss your project


Utilizing the latest in design technology, our expert designers will map out your irrigation plan

Parts & Supplies

After your design has been drafted, our full-service parts department can provide you with all you need to complete the project

Ongoing Support

We are available for ongoing support, supplies, and maintenance

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