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Technology, Quality & Knowhow


At Lad, we stay on top of all the new advancements so that you are always working with the latest tech. Like every other industry, agriculture is turning more digital every day. We’ll can help you integrate new technologies, like mobile apps, to your irrigation system, making your job just a little bit easier.

Our Services

Lad brings you custom & innovative irrigation solutions.

We proudly partner with the highest quality industry suppliers to provide top-quality solutions, ensuring efficient water conservation and cost-effectiveness.

Custom Design Pump Suction Solutions

Custom designs to pull water from any source including rivers, lakes, wells, engineered holding ponds & more.

Pump Control and Monitoring

Custom VFD and PLC systems for every application. Get the most out of your system by remote control and monitoring of the most advanced pump and motor controls.

Pivot Control Panels, Monitoring & Remote Management

Completely monitor and control every aspect of your irrigation system remotely with Valley 365 technology solutions.

Ag Solar Power

Solar panels are used to power your irrigation system in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner.  

Pond and Water Source Monitoring

Avoid costly system damage. We monitor your water source to ensure adequate levels are maintained for pumps, motors and pipelines to operate effectively and efficiently.

Electric and PTO Drive Motor

The most efficient equipment for Electric and PTO drive motor solutions on all pumping conditions. 

Filtration Control and Management

Even the dirtiest water conditions can be automated and simplified with our custom designs to create peace of mind.

Custom Pivot Solutions

Custom pivot design solutions made with new, used and refurbished components to fit every type of crop and soil.

Drip and Micro Sprinkler Irrigation Solutions for Orchard and Vineyard

Custom solutions to deliver the highest uniformity for sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and cooling/fogging systems. Properly designed to provide uniformity and protect from the weather elements.

Deep Well Line Shaft Pumps

Proper engineering and installation by Lad will ensure your investment in deep well water is maximized and protected.

Crop and Irrigation Management

Total crop and irrigation management can be achieved with Valley 365 technology.  Monitor soil moisture, crop health, weather and more with advanced technology sensors and cameras.

Visit your local Lad location to learn more about what we offer to advance your operation and increase your efficiency.
Valley 365.jpg

Valley 365 mobile platform that allows you to take control of your crop management straight from your phone.  We’ve integrated the functionality of existing technology like AgSense®, Valley Scheduling™ and Valley® Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) into one location, with additional access to Valley Insights™. You can access everything you need for crop management from one single app.


Valley 365 gives you all the information you need right up front. It's the ultimate command center for full access to Valley technology and real-time data from three core areas within the ag ecosystem. Connecting the ecosystem allows growers to identify a problem, determine which areas of the operation are affected, and execute the necessary changes to ensure optimum yield with minimum resource investment. 


Get complete farm control and monitoring with Valley 365!

Using various types of imagery and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms, Valley Insights virtually scouts your fields.

Remotely manage and monitor:

  • Pivots

  • Pumps

  • Tanks

  • Soil

  • Ag  Solar system

Control Panels

Lad offers Valley's selection of control panels to give you ultimate control of your irrigation. By offering a variety of options, you can choose the panel that best fits your land needs.  


The Classic and ClassicPlus are perfect for those who are just getting started in the field of agriculture. These panels are affordable, and offer manual control and easy to use switches. The ClassicPlus can be easily upgraded, making it capable to grow along with your needs. 


The AutoPilot Linear control panel is ideal for GPS farming. The technology of the AutoPilot allows your linear to function similar to a center pivot. And by measuring the position and travel direction of the linear, you're able to program functions to run automatically. 


The ICON Smart Panel collection is gives the latest in control panel technology. If you are ready for a panel upgrade, needing remote access capabilities, or prefer touchscreen features, there is an ICON Smart Panel that will satisfy your needs while giving you complete control of your irrigation. 


How Can We Help?

A Connected Smart Farm

As a Premier Valley Dealer, Lad offers the latest in ag technology, powered by Valley's innovative digital solutions.

  • Valley Insights

  • Valley Scheduling

  • Autonomous crop management

  • Machine Diagnostics

  • GPS solutions

  • Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI)

  • Remote management devices

  • So much more!

Solar Solutions

On average, the Columbia Basin gets more than 300 days of sunshine per year. That means it's ideal for solar energy.  

Solar Solutions allows you to power your irrigation system and farm buildings through a sustainable and cost-efficient source.

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