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Sprinkler Packages: When is the Right Time to Update?

Restoring accurate uniformity of water application is usually the principle reason for upgrading a sprinkler package. Since the uniformity of the sprinkler package directly affects not only the accuracy of water application but also of fertility and herbicide application then being applied through the center pivot, the condition of the Center Pivot sprinklers is critical. Visual variance in crop production, especially circular rings, strongly indicate a failing sprinkler package.

Close up of irrigation sprinkler in crop field

Principle Sprinkler Manufacturing leaders point to a suggested sprinkler component life expectancy of 10,000 hours. This is especially true of the Pressure Regulator that is critical for supplying consistent, accurate pressure to the sprinkler and nozzle. Failure rates of Regulators in any package are not equivalent as their springs and internal components weaken and designed pressures and GPM increase intermittently causing dry and wet circular “rings” around fields.

Irrigation sprinklers watering rows of crops

But awareness of an estimated 10,000 hours of life and being observant of sprinkler performance

conditions, consistency of crop production, and visual uniformity of sprinkler components and patterns

will indicate a reasonable time to update a sprinkler package. It has often been said that: “A sprinkler package installed when needed, does not cost, but actually pays through the resulting increased net crop revenue!”


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